I felt like my perspective shifted, I felt a deep sense of inner peace and joy.
— R.T.
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Our Story

Grounded in a place of presence and curiosity, Honour Your Space is an invitation to engage all parts of yourself in order to live an authentic life. 

Reiki Master Karen Hill works with you to facilitate the positive change you seek in a space that is honest, supportive and safe.

Reiki has helped to keep my Fibromyalgia in remission, reduce tension and stress and is a tool for my personal growth.
— H.T.

Reiki Services

A highly empathetic and experienced Reiki Practitioner for over 25 years, and a Reiki Master since 2000, Karen offers one-to-one Reiki sessions, Reiki training and Reiki practitioner gatherings from a space that honours your inherent wisdom.

Throughout the year Karen also facilitates experiential workshops that cultivate your capacity to explore and sustain compassionate and authentic self-care.


Reiki Sessions

Reiki helps bring balance to your nervous system, which facilitates your body’s ability to self-heal. Research data shows Reiki sessions enhance a sense of well being, reduces anxiety and depression, manages pain and facilitates relaxation. Reiki practice is safe and can be received while undergoing medical treatment or while receiving medication. Every Reiki session is unique and offers insight into what can best support you in the moment.

“Reiki has influenced my life and also brought about changes - sometimes in a subtle way, at other times in a more direct way.” — C. J.



Reiki Trainings

In a small group, the First Degree Reiki course provides everything you need in order to develop an effective daily practice of self-care. Karen teaches the same way she was taught in the 1990’s, which is in the simple style of Reiki brought from Japan to Canada in the 1930’s. During the 3 day training students receive 4 traditional initiations, the history and Precepts of Reiki, plus protocols for treating self and others in order to begin daily self-practice and to exchange Reiki sessions. Questions and discussion follow each session in order to expand insight into the personal experience of Reiki.

Second Degree training is for students who have completed Karen’s First Degree course and have practiced daily self-Reiki for a minimum of 3 months. If you meet this criteria and wish to engage more deeply with Reiki, explore how to offer Reiki to those ‘at a distance’ and develop a more disciplined practice, then please contact Karen about Second Degree training.

“New beneficial effects from this initiation course continue to become apparent for me every day and my enthusiasm for Reiki continues to increase.” — C.C.



Reiki Gatherings

As one of Karen’s Reiki students you are invited to join our community of practitioners to deepen your experience and relationship to Reiki. Each student will give and receive treatment and have the opportunity to explore an increased awareness to self and to Reiki and to discuss their Reiki practice with Karen and other students.




Caring for others is powerful, satisfying work. Millions throughout the world do it. Those who care for others, whether as a family member, volunteer, or professional caregiver, all face what has come to be known as ‘the cost of caring’.

Based on her training and experience in Compassion and Empathy Fatigue, Mindfulness and Reiki, Karen offers customized workshops to promote awareness of the natural consequences of caring deeply for others. Learn key concepts, identify warning signs and assess your self-care and self-compassion during small group experiential sessions. 

Excellent facilitation, not afraid to tackle difficult topics, tremendous integrity, highly organized. Articulate and easy to understand.
— M.P.
Thanks again for your help during Amelia’s birth. It meant a lot to us....Reiki helped both with getting her labour on track and with controlling the pain.
— M.W. & A.W.
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Meet Karen, Experienced Reiki Practitioner

Karen’s Reiki practice began in 1994. She established her full time practice in 1998, apprenticed with her Reiki Master and received her Master initiation in 2000. She is a caring and effective facilitator of seminars and workshops, certified as an Adult Educator and a Compassion Fatigue Therapist and Educator. Karen is also trained in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion as well as in Mindfulness and Compassion for Healthcare and End of Life Professionals. Employed by the City of Toronto in Long Term Care, she provided relief to ‘End of Life’ residents, residents with dementia and residents' families.

Karen’s mission is to promote awareness of your internal resources, resiliency and power. She experiences and observes how a personal Reiki practice increases conscious living to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health.

If you seek tools to facilitate greater peace and personal growth, your experience with Karen will be grounded in the celebration of creativity, openness and self-exploration.


Are you ready to honour your space?

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Karen Hill, Reiki Master


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